Military Tests

It is very difficult to get any report or tests for the military clean ups carried out with OSE II.  OSE II from time to time sells to 195 of the 202 bases globally, through the rules of sole source, since there is no other product in the world that has the specifications of OSE II. See Department of Defense listing of OSE II’s Cage Code and National stock numbers ( NSN numbers) PDF

The United States Coast Guard reviewed OSE II’s test in formation for the BP Macondo spill, the worlds largest spill to date, and found that OSE II had merit for the BP Macondo spill, and referred OSE II to BP. This was a peer review of sorts. PDF

Marines performed a clean up at 29 Palms California, where their clean up won them a Department of Defense Environmental The Marines clean up a consortium of JP5, jet fuel, diesel and tank wash outs. PDF

US Air Force at Fort Worth’s, joint reserve base performed a clean-up on PCB’s, and reduced the PCB’s well below the standards in US gov regulations in 40 CFR  PDF

Dallas Naval Air Station Dallas, Texas there was an overflow of 2,000 gallons of JP-4, JP-8, and motor oil behind building #193 at NAS ( Naval Air station) soil sampling was performed in four (4) different areas using EPA methods 8020/5030 for BETX and 418.1 for total hydrocarbon count. In all four (4) sampling areas the BETX and total hydrocarbons were reduced well below state acceptance levels for contaminant soil of 100 ppm. PDF

Scott Air Force Base was attempting to lay asphalt, where the bitumen layer had been place for the entire area to be covered I Asphalt. It started raining at 11:30 am, where the laying of the asphalt had been halted with approximately 1/3 rd of the asphalt in place. The rain continued all night to the point Scott Air Force based endured a 100 year flood, even lifting man hole This rain lifted/floated some asphalt as well as the bitumen, and redeposited across the base, and in drainage areas. The base decided to have OSE II over knighted to the base where OSE II’s application commenced. OSE II removed the bitumen and asphalt that had been re-deposited around the base leaving the grass, and the drainage ditch free of oil. The drainage ditches tested non detect for hydrocarbons after OSE II had been applied. Owen we need a link for this and it needs to be here and under soil clean ups as well. PDF

This is purely Anecdotal information: U.S. Navy, I was the Environmental Officer at a large Reserve Naval Air Station. Our goal was to maintain Environmental Compliance and our workload was enormous. We never had to respond to a major petroleum spill but we were constantly being called to cleanup small petroleum product spills associated with aircraft maintenance and lax housekeeping The most important task when responding to a spill was to prevent harmful contaminants from entering the drainage systems. We needed a product to help us to these incidents; that was easy and quick to apply; and was economical. The product was OIL SPILL EATER II.  PDF

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