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Excerpt Sections from the Complete Technical Library

Company History
Note to Contractors
General Description
Chemical Process
Emulating Mother Nature
The US Congress mandated through the Clean Water Act
How to get a product on the US EPA NCP list
U.S. EPA NCP Letter Listing OSE II
US EPA notebook with technical information on OSE II highlighted section vI-1
U.S. EPA Regulation regarding the use of OSE II
OSE II in Storm Water Drains or U.S. Navigable Waters
OSHA Letter

Efficacy (Bioremeadiation) Test

Bioremeadiation Graph
Salt Water Efficacy Tests
Microbial Petroleum Degradation Enhancement
Fresh Water Efficacy Tests
Soil Efficacy Tests
In-Situ Underground Cleanup of Heating Oil
Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Efficacy Tests

Marine Toxicity Tests

Salt Water Marine Toxicity Tests
Fresh Water Marine Toxicity Tests
Beneficial Environmental Effects, Use and Application Tests
Tests Showing OSE II Contains no Chlorinated Hydrocarbons or Metals
Testing Procedures for OSE II

Cleanup Procedures and Application Instructions

Cleanup Procedures and Application Instructions (Complete set)
Cleanup / Application Instructions on Water
Cleanup / Application Instructions on Land
Cleanup / Application Instructions on Concrete or Asphalt
Cleanup / Application Instructions under Buildings, Immovable Objects or Underground Groundwater
Cleanup / Application Instructions for Birds and Mammals

Where OSE II has and can be used

Success Stories Using OSE II

Use of and Contaminants That OSE II Can or Has Bioremediated

Contaminates that OSE II can remeadiate

OSE II vs. Competition

U.S. EPA proves why OSE II is the Only Product to use

U.S. EPA Fact Sheet

Why OSE II instead of Fertilizer
Why OSE II instead of Non-Indigenous Bacteria
Why OSE II instead of Oxygen Releasing Agents
Why OSE II instead of Surfactants (Soaps) or Surface Washing Agents
Why OSE II instead of Absorbants
Why OSE II instead of Corexit or Dispersants

Scientific Study Verifying Why OSE II is a Viable First Response Hydrocarbon Bioremediation Product

Study Performed by the University of North Carolina

Pictures of Cleanups Using OSE II

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