The following are many brochures that demonstrate the usage of OSE II.

OSEI Summary of BP Testing

Refinery Brochurewaster water treatment

OSEI applied to gasolinediesel and jet fuel

          • Bioremediation of oily sludge: A case base analysis to sustainable supply chain ( with OSE II ) (PDF)
          • OSEI Brochure on Vessel fuel tank clean up 2019(PDF)
          • OSEI Deck Cleaner 2019(PDF)
          • Cleaning oil by converting it to CO2 & water(PDF)
          • Destin City Council Minutes 07-27-2010 demonstration of OSE II Special(PDF)
          • City Council Minutes 08-02-2010(PDF)
          • Nigeria Shell testing of OSE II on Ogoniland soil November 5-13 2012 Summary and test(PDF)
          • Argentina tests initial February 2013 INGELAB-ANALISIS 2635 GREENCOR SA(PDF)
          • Argentina test February 2013 INGELAB-ANALISIS 2634 GREENCOR SA(PDF)
          • Argentina Greencor test results on heavy oil Tank Bottoms February 2013(PDF)
          • Argentina February 2013(PDF)
          • 35 toxicity tests (PDF)
          • Department of Energy use of OSE II (PDF)
          • University of Mexico test OSE II 2005(PDF)
          • Types of Bioremediation three modes(PDF)


  • OSE II Assessment per RRT IV Bioremediation Response Plan Model (PDF)
  • Concise Bioremediation Response Plan (PDF)
  • OSE IIs Irrefutable Science An Address of Common Questions (PDF)


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