Aramco Event

“The demonstration in the large tank at the end of the west Peir started by the pouring of approximately one liter of oil onto the tanks water surface. The water had just been collected from the Arabian Gulf prior to the demonstration. Hassan an OSEI associate had prepared a pump up sprayer with the required OSE II and water in front of Aramco officials. Hassan then applied OSE II to the oil floating on the waters surface. The oil in a few seconds started breaking up into small particles, until it was difficult to see. How ever in a closed tank the reaction of OSE II on the water is different then in an open body of water due to the development of surface tension. However you can easily track what occurs. Five minutes after applying OSE II to the Aramco oil the OSEI CEO stuck his hand in some of the broken down oil and the oil would not adhere to Mr. Pedigo’s hand, this impressed the Aramco officials.
While at the water demonstration with the marine pollution group, a call came in from another part of the refinery where a pump failed and there was a back up of oil onto the soil around this pumping. The Aramco officials asked Mr. Pedigo if he could do a soil demonstration while at the refinery. Mr. Pedigo, Hassan and others left for the soil spill area. Upon arrival the oil spill had covered over a 250 meter by 250 meter area and was growing. The Aramco official in charge of soil spills showed Hassan where he wanted OSE II applied. Within a few minutes the oil started breaking down and separating from the sand. The Aramco officials were very impressed with OSE II and they stated they wanted to start staging OSE II and utilizing OSE II for soil and water spills.”


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